The Targeted Violence Prevention Program leverages existing resources that can benefit individuals and organizations seeking to build and sustain community-level programs to prevent all forms of targeted violence. Institutions, organizations, and websites that may be useful to TVPP and to our community partners will be shared here.

Start The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is a University of Maryland-based research and education center comprised of an international network of scholars committed to the scientific study of the causes and human consequences of terrorism in the United States and around the world. A Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, START supports the research efforts of leading social scientists at more than 50 academic and research institutions and serves as a leading resource for homeland security policymakers and practitioners.
The Program on Extremism at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security provides analysis on issues related to violent and non-violent extremism. The Program spearheads innovative and thoughtful academic inquiry, producing empirical work that strengthens extremism research as a distinct field of study. The Program aims to develop pragmatic policy solutions that resonate with policymakers, civic leaders, and the general public.
The missions of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence is to bring together knowledge and leadership. Producing first class, rigorous research, our aim is to educate the public and help policymakers and practitioners find more intelligent solutions in dealing with radicalisation and political violence.
The aim of the VOX-Pol Network of Excellence (NoE) is the comprehensive exploration of the many varieties of Violent Online Political Extremism, its societal impacts, and responses to it. To this end, project partners combine complementary expertise from a range of disciplines (e.g. Communications, Computer Science, Criminology, Ethics, International Relations, Politics).​​
The mission of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security (TCTHS) is to enhance the understanding of terrorism and the means to combat it through education, research and the development of partnerships between universities, industry and government. Founded in 2005, the TCTHS faculty conduct research, comment on current events and policy debates, and run executive education programs. The center sponsors multiple events each year providing an opportunity for students to interact with leading practitioners and scholars.